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Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
The aft weapons don't have to suck as people seem to think....

Seeing as the weapons don't draw into each others pools they might in fact be more power efficient then running all of wep or aux powered weapons.

Imagine 3 aux power duals and 3 weap powered turrets. no -24 weapon power from the aux powered weaponry could be a real advantage... and lets be honest turret dmg is pathetic anyway there there for the procs more then anything. Still EPTW with a full aux power setup... with either doffs or aux to bat to keep eptw up 100% of the time could easily mean powers of 100+ in weapons and 125 in aux... and the fore and aft weapons both dipping into their own pools of power could in fact mean higher overall power settings, and dps.
Well first I think it is still unclear if you can even have 3 aux cannons in one ship. Second I am no expert in atb builds but I think it would reduce your dmg. Your DHC cycle is what? I think something about 1s shooting 2sec cooldown? So after atb you would have to max your aux again in 2 sec if you could time it perfectly.
Also taking eptw only to push turret dmg seems like a waste to me, you don't have that many eng lots.

You could of course simply run 3 aux cannons (if thats possible), screw the turret dmg and run full aux. But I don't know if you find that many great builds that require you to run full aux. Also shooting will now drain your aux power that means if you really want to use your abilities at max aux you have to time them well.