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Originally Posted by aetam1 View Post
You could of course simply run 3 aux cannons (if thats possible), screw the turret dmg and run full aux. But I don't know if you find that many great builds that require you to run full aux. Also shooting will now drain your aux power that means if you really want to use your abilities at max aux you have to time them well.
I completely agree I would never bother with eptw for turrets...
I thought it was confirmed that if you bought all 3 ships you could in fact slot all 3 dhc... but perhaps I am wrong on that.

Really who cares about the stupid turrets hell even escorts pilots have dumped 1 or 2 of them for mines these days... really if the vesta can slot 3 aux powered dhc who cares about he rear slots... throw a couple mines on there and a beam for sub system targeting and there it is... full aux heals full dmg dhc. Pew pew