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11-08-2012, 06:58 AM
While it will be interesting to see what happens post season 7, can I at least ask for a compromise to all this rip stuff away from newer players philosophy which has been adopted?

At end game we have sets ranging from MK X (sort of okay'ish) to MK XII (super) with MK XI (okay) in the middle. So why exactly are all of these dilithium chargeable? Surely it would make more sense and give a better play experience to allow people to at least get the MK X for free as they sort of are now so they are incentivised to get the more expensive varieties later. It would also help quell the torrents of anger of having stuff taken away from players.

Right now there is a big danger that Cryptics policy will only push potential players away due to enormous constraints put on them to get even the most basic rewards.