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For the Devs. Why not increase there shield bonus. Turn rates are i think correct for Cruisers, they are big bricks that have a larger power core. It should show threw in power transfer and shield management. Firepower if for esccorts, but shielding is for Cruisers.
Eh. The only thing that really kills a well run cruiser is stupid gimmick weapons like the NPC-strength Isometric Charge, or the Borg torpedoes that can hit for 200K damage. Cruisers stay alive just fine as-is, the issue that merely staying alive isn't contributing to the win. Staying alive is stalemate. You need to be doing relevant damage at the same time as you're staying alive, and the slower cruisers really struggle here.

I'm in favor of doing two things:
1.) Increase the maneuvering of all cruisers into the 9 to 11 degrees per second range. Still much worse than an escort, and worse than a lot of the science ships, but no long torturous. I have a Mirror Vor'cha battlecruiser, and I think it's one of the most amazing and well-balanced ships in the entire game; it's what cruisers should be. (Turns 10 deg/s)

2.) Modify Attack Pattern Delta to:
- 30 second cooldown (was 45)
- Threat generation for self is 200% for 10 seconds
- Multiplies your ship's damage resistances by a factor of N for 10 seconds

Delta then becomes the "cruiser attack pattern", and a real alternative to Beta.

Cruisers are better able to take hits and recover from them, which is why if you can you want the enemy to be shooting you instead of other people. The increased threat generation helps you in this essential cruiser role by making you seem like a more threatening target and the target of more enemies. And the damage resistance should be a multiplicative factor because, the way armor stacking works, a flat amount that is relevant to a ship with no armor will be trivial to a cruiser carrying armor while a flat amount that is relevant to a cruiser will be ludicrously effective to other ships. If the bonus was instead something like +25% to your actual damage resistances, then it becomes more relevant to your build when you carry more armor to make use of it.

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