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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
however i fail to see how skilling projectile weapons forces anybody to miss out the more usefull skills since the last 3 are mostly irrelevant and not worth it. I mean there surely are more usefull skills than others, but to make projektile weapons worthwile doesn't mean you cripple your skills somewhere else.
sure there isn't much sense in skilling projectile weapons if you go 8 beams...but the points gained there only mean minor gain in the higher tiers or a sci power more that may not even be usefull for the build (i'm looking at you flow capacitator)
For PvE, that's probably correct.

Originally Posted by centapeed View Post
For the Devs. Why not increase there shield bonus. Turn rates are i think correct for Cruisers, they are big bricks that have a larger power core. It should show threw in power transfer and shield management. Firepower if for esccorts, but shielding is for Cruisers.
Cruiser already have higher shield mods than escorts. You want even more? Go get a sci ship.
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