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Originally Posted by momaw View Post
Fleet heavy cruiser retro already has issues that need to be worked out before we get ambitious with it. Namely: it needs the 42K hull and 1.1X shield multiplier that other fleet cruisers get. I don't know if it's an oversight or part of their plan to sell more Regents by withholding the fleet assault cruiser and ships like it, but it's pretty ridiculous that they offer a fleet ship that has objectively worse stats than other ships that cost the same resources.
Fleet Heavy Cruiser Retrofits are fleet versions of a T3 ship, so like all other fleet versions of T2 and T3 ships it's shield capacity is better than the actual shield mod says. With lower cap shields like Omega or Borg (maybe even Maco) and without Field Generators it actually has a higher capacity than the Fleet Star Cruiser. Hull Points are slightly less but the difference is completly irrelevant. They are already the +1 or +1.5 Sovereign, not only thanks to a turn rate of 8.
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