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11-08-2012, 07:21 AM
Just thought I'd hop in here for a second.

I am quite gratified to see this get off the ground. When I started my little Tournament thing I was hoping to encourage PvP participation, so it's nice to see someone else doing something toward that end as well.

One thing I should mention is that we'd want to get at least some of the better if not best PvPers still around to act as guest lecturers, because there's nothing quite like learning from the best. Guys like Thales, Yoda, Kedric, and MT are really good at what they do, and if we could get them to show up even every once in a while that'll be a huge boost to this "Academy".

I'd volunteer as an instructor, although I'm nowhere near an expert. Ideally instructors should be on the level of Thales and company, but the problem with players like them is that they are typically too busy to do a regular thing like this so the most they'll be is guest lecturers.

I'm fairly competent in most areas; I can hold my own as an escort, I've had some experience running science ships (although at the moment it's my weakest point), and I started out as a healer so I know a thing or two about it.

I also agree that the boot camp should have its own site, that we can link to, in order to keep everything clean. I'm a programmer by trade so I'd be happy to draft up a site but unfortunately I'm also a dirt-poor programmer who can't afford to maintain web-space. Maybe I'll make it a Google Site, at least they're free...