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I'm a Tac officer (VA50). I've been flying mostly escorts - Fleet and also Advanced Tactical Refit (i.e. Defiant with the cloak) - however, I'm ready to try something new. I'll have enough Dil converted to exchange into 2500 zen in another day or so, which means I can buy pretty much any ship in the catalog.

I've been leaning towards trying something larger - the Tac Odyssey or perhaps the new Regent class Sovereign refit. However, I'm not sure - the regular Assault Cruiser (which I also have) is too limiting in terms of Tac officer slots, and I'm wondering which of the other big alternatives offers a better "fit" for my specialty.

Is there a good big ship option for a seasoned (1000s of Elite STFs under my belt) Tac officer like me? Or should I just stick with my own class and go for something more exotic, like the Multi-Vector Prometheus build? Any other options coming down the pike with Season 7 that are worth considering?

Advice/Recommendations appreciated.

RCK01 (a.k.a. Jacob Lightener, Captain of the Purple Avenger/Purple Avenger 2)