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I am having a lot of fun with my advanced escort and can't wait until my fleet completes our tier 4 shipyard so I can buy a fleet advanced escort. I was considering a fleet tactical escort, but I think I will hold out for the fleet advanced escort.

I would appreciate some suggestions on my ship. I was thinking of dropping the Shield emitter amplifier for another field generator. Does this make sense?

When I get the advanced fleet escort, should I buy another phaser relay, field generator or neutronium armor?

Here is the current outfit

USS Achilles

3x Very Rare, MK XII Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons (Both the Fleet and the Borg version)
1x Very Rare, Mk XII Quantum Torpedo Launcher (Fleet and Borg)

3x Very Rare, Mk XII Phaser Turret (Fleet and Borg)

Very Rare, Mk XII MACO Deflector, Impulse Engines and Shields

Engineering Consoles
1x Rare Neutronium Alloy
1x Assimilated Module

Science Consoles
1x Very Rare, MK XII Field Generator
1x Rare, Mk XII Field Generator
1x Very Rare, Mk XII Shield Emitter Amplifier

Tactical Consoles
3x Very Rare, MK XII Phaser Relay
1X Very Rare, MK XII Zero Point Quantum Chamber

Do you have any other suggestions? Thank you!