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Originally Posted by ertihan View Post
I've always been of the opinion that the best way to have a tank matter is to re-work the Extend Shields ability to transfer some of the damage dealt to the transferee back to the transferer. So in other words if I transfer my shields to an escort and he takes shield damage, let's say that damage is split 50/50 between us. Thus, removing the tank becomes important now, because otherwise the escort's shields won't ever go down.
Well I would be in favor or something like that but I would not use 50/50.
I would rather say something like that: lets say i have extend shields which gives 25% resi. Now why not say it absorbs 5% of dmg and 20% of the dmg go to the one using extend. So the protected ship still has the same resi as it would have now and the one using extend gets a little dmg. That should not be too much because you can't afford to really heal two targets at the same time but it will at least force him to use some self heals and maybe soften him a bit for a target switch. It would also make extend on an engi captain more interesting because he has more self heals.
The actual numbers would need testing but I would keep the dmg reduction on the protected ship as it is now and simply balance the amount transfered to the protector so it gets a little bit more interesting.