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11-08-2012, 08:50 AM
I think that would weaken the skill to the point of unuseability, to be honest.

I also want to keep the role play idea in mind here. I mean, in Star Trek lore, what does it mean to "Extend Shields"? I'm extending my shields to your ship, presumably because your shields are weakened or just plain weaker.

If you think about it, what it comes down to is mi casa es tu casa, my shields are your shields. What happens to one shield should happen to the other. This should include the bad (if your shields take damage mine should take equal damage) and good (if I use emergency power to shields, YOU should also get an equal shield heal and shield resist).

Thus, if an engineer extends his shields to an escort, that escort should get all the benefits of an engineer's shields, including Rotate Shield Frequency, Emergency Power to Shields, even the shield heal from Miracle Worker, for the duration of the extend.

On the flip side, if EITHER the escort OR the engineer take damage, the other guy takes equal damage, because again, they're sharing the same shield.