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This kind of flexibility is what the Foundry sorely needs and would be very simple to implement. In addition, a "Current Player" character costume would be as simple as can be to ad and would open a huge amount of possibilities.

Proper Captain dialogues would be possible; plus the prevalence of Mirror Universe and Time Travel stories in ST (even in the Foundry without the needed resources to do it correctly) should make this a no-brainer.

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Imagine an author could write a dialogue entry for each tag; [Angry] [Happy] [Fearful] [Obtuse] [Jovial], and depending on what the player had predefined as his BO's -main- personality attribute, the foundry could automatically display the associated dialogue entry. This could allow for missions to better tailor to the reactions of different species and cultures as well as cater to players who wish to develop the personalities of their crew and see the effects of that development in the game (and not just in their mind).

People who don't want to take 5 mins to set tags on their BOs get a random reply (if the author decided to create tag-defined dialogues), which is essentially what it feels like when anyone goes to play a foundry mission, i.e. you don't know what the author may have written.
To a great extent this is possible already. You can write a short sentence that sets a clear tone and direct the conversation that way. I often include a "Passive" (by the book and Vulcan-like) response, an "Aggressive" one and a "Sarcastic" comment at key places in dialogue trees.

Now, if you had a player costume you could use that in the dialogues for long player dialogue entries, perhaps labeled the way you suggest on the previous set of response bars.

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