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Originally Posted by gwendoline1 View Post
Mind you, I had 3 slots as Gold but only 2 normally as free player.
Keeping that third 'mixed' character slot depends on when you were 'Gold'... Up through the end of last year, you would receive 3 mixed character slots, with the third slot unlocked at Level 6. With the introduction of F2P, this changed to a dedicated Fed and a dedicated KDF slot, with the 3rd mixed slot added with a Gold subscription. If you became a 'Gold' account during F2P, you can lose the 'mixed' slot should it ever become vacated.

Also be aware that your characters EC Bank account cap will drop from 1 Billion ECs to 10 Million ECs when you transition from 'Gold' to 'Silver'. If your characters balance is above 10 Million when you transition to 'Silver', you keep your current balance, but any ECs you would have earned will be lost until your balance drops below 10 Million. If your balance is below 10 Million ECs, and you should earn something that will take your account above 10 Million ECs, then you only get up to the level cap, and any amount over 10 Million will be lost...