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11-08-2012, 08:03 AM
Me thinks it's easier to take away content than fix it. We've both been on at Cryptic to fix this we've even told them specifically how it's broken! Do we need to do their job for them? This is exactly why I gave up on giving suggestions and constructive feedback when I can be bothered to venture here. They don't flippin' listen.

>Working content
>Tweak until content is broken
>Remove content or tax us heavily/force us to regrind the whole thing again.

They even stopped revamping the FA's and never got around to readding DS9 and gone with the FE series too just more grind systems of content we've already exhausted so have to tax us to make us play it again.

I'm thinking it would be quicker if I learnt programming, learned to access STO servers and fix the content myself . How's that for feedback Cryptic?

Star Trek Online: "Working as intended since Feb 2010 ".

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