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Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • Added a section about the Foundry Spotlight to the "What's New in Season 7" help screen.
  • Foundry: Animation selections are now properly filtered and validated by region.
  • Foundry: Removed the Patrol behavior.

  • The Borg Queen will no longer leap to her death to avoid ground hazards.
  • Nequencia: Updated item detail text so that they mention what system they are used in so if players leave they can figure out where to return in order to clear up inventory space
  • STF reward will now be granted to each player, not just one team member.
  • Into The Hive:
    • Room two now requires players to restart the virus upload after a team wipe.
    • Borg encounter now spawns when room is in phase two and the timer resets after team wipes.
  • Hive Onslaught: Players can now skip the first cutscene.
  • The Cure: updated the Leaver penalty so that players who complete the entire mission, but not a particular submission step will be able to leave the map without getting a penalty.
  • New Romulus:
    • Added a short description to the glowing plants and resonating rocks for the collection quest.
    • Updated the mission in the Ruins mission so that player can get credit on main mission for working on the event mission.
    • Updated open mission event times so that there are not multiple events going off simultaneously.
    • Site to site transport options are now only available if you've completed the appropriate step of the transporter mission.
  • Epohh Collection
    • The final rewards can no longer be turned in repeatedly if player is on a team.
    • The timer for the tagging does not start until a player tags their first epohh.

  • Omega Conversion Crates are live!
    • All characters that previously possessed any Encrypted Data Chips, Borg Salvage, Borg Tech or STF Equipment Requisitions will find an Omega Conversion Crate in their inventory.
    • All instances of the aforementioned items should have been removed from their inventory and bank.
    • There are several different tiers of conversion that players may have fallen into, based on the amount of the aforementioned items they possessed.
      • Right-Click your crate and choose "Info" to see the exact contents of yours.
    • Omega Conversion Crates will remain locked until the character that possesses them reaches Tier 3 of the Omega Reputation.
  • Deploying carrier pets and other summoned powers no longer causes a player's power levels to rise dramatically.
  • Corrected incorrect icon for Borg Neural Processor input on T5 Omega Weapon project
  • Corrected incorrect Dilithium input requirement value on Purple Mk 12 Reman Deflector
  • The display name for the Tier 5 Romulan power was changed to Quantum Singularity Manipulation.
    • Increased the duration of Quantum Singularity Manipulation to 8 seconds.
    • Quantum Singularity Manipulation cloaks the user 3 seconds after it is initiated for the remaining 5 seconds of the power.
  • Reputation:
    • Removed Dilithium costs from all Reputation XP projects on both Romulan and Omega reputations.
      • Affected projects are:
        • File Situation Report on Status of the Borg Threat
        • Submit Research Materials to Omega
        • Support Colonization Efforts of the Romulan Star Empire
        • Support the Romulan Star Empire
      • Some commodity inputs were also adjusted, but total cost of these projects was unchanged other than the removal of the Dilithium cost.
  • Updated the abilities and tuned the Borg Queen Diamond.
  • Corrected display name inconsistency on input requirement of Mk X Omega Ground Weapon.
  • Updated the EV Suit Tholians to be a little harder better faster stronger.

  • Re-enabled the Submit Project for Featuring button in the Foundry, and updated its associated message.
  • Unique icons have been given to various classes of ships in the ship selector.
  • Romulan Bridge Officers now display Male or Female on the store before you purchase them.
  • Updated the ship tailor contact to show individual options for each ship type you want to edit.
  • Resolved a UI/Power issue that was preventing players from being able to activate some EV Suits.
  • Updated the account button on the login and character selection screens to go to a working URL.
  • Fleet and Officer channels will no longer appear for characters not in a Fleet.

Known Issues:
  • Many ships are not accepting changes made in the ship tailor.
  • When both a ship and shuttle are selected, the player always ends up on their shuttle bridge.
  • It's not possible to rename a ship if player also has a shuttle equipped.
crates i thought we put suff in everything went in so wait for tier 3?