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Originally Posted by partizan81 View Post
Vo'quv is probably one of the best ships in the game right now. It's built for debuffs but can also provide some excellent heals, and between weapons slots and pets you can do some of the best DPS available for non-escort ships in-game (I screenshotted 8.9k in ISE the other night). If you can tolerate the fact that it's about as maneuverable as the Titanic (and therefore plan your turning maneuvers accordingly), you absolutely cannot go wrong using the Vo'quv.

edit: also the Vo'quv can tank like a real beast, especially if you get KHG 2-piece. Slap on some shield capacity consoles and you can eat a minimum of one (and realistically 2) Borg plasma torps that otherwise one-shot escorts. That's a MAJOR selling point imho.
yes the voguv is a strong ship but the kar'fi can turn and do twice the dmg of a voquv