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11-08-2012, 09:04 AM
1) Excelsior - for a Tac it's simply a wonderful cruiser.
2) Kar'fi (KDF but you didn't specify faction) - a great ship for KDF Sci's - incredible fun.
3) Peghqu' - a little weak on the shields front but it's versatile, unique and the Battle Cloak makes it superior to the Chimera.
4) Chimera - again, versatile and unique - a lot of fun irrespective of profession.
5) K't'inga Retrofit/Fleet K't'inga - there's 'better' ships but nothing with as much old-school charm except...
6) Exeter with Constitution Refit skin - just because...

And as you may have gathered - I don't like Escorts

Bottom 5?

1) Odyssey in all its variants - too slow and lumbering for my taste.
2) Defiant Retrofit - I have one, I fly it occasionally, I hate it.
3) Sovereign - just - meh. I want to like it but it doesn't do anything particularly well.
4) Vor'cha Retrofit - similar complaint to the Sovvy - at first I liked it but irrespective of profession you end up with similar builds. Reliable but oh so vanilla.
5) Any of the Galaxy variants - just awful, awful ships.
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