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11-08-2012, 10:07 AM
Regarding TBs TB3 is 17 sec duration. TB cooldown starts after TB initiated. Meaning 3 seconds before you can apply a 2nd TB. So, yes you can be effective w/TBs. I'd throw a PSW in there to serve as an interrupt.

Also, I had a torp/tbr build awhile back for the B'rel which I made an effort to never decloak. I was exposed when tbr was active or a fire a torp, but still had cloak defense and movement and damage bonuses. You could try something similar since now you can stack PH and HE etc. You wouldn't need shield buffs either freeing up some Boff slots.

Various hull resists buff you could try and incorporate:

4.Hazzard Doffs
7.2 part borg
8. Aegis engines for more defense while cloaked/2part aegis 10% boost

In the end going all CC w/o some damage will likely not be as effective as mixing in cannons, but that kind of stuff is fun for me to try every now and than for a week or so.