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11-08-2012, 09:21 AM
Because of diminishing returns on the consoles. And because (unless we're talking PvP), the amount of DPS you need to put out in order to do PvE (including Elite STFs) doesn't require more than 3 x whatever Tac Console.

My KDF Sci flys a Peghqu' which has 4 x Tac slots and the DTS console sits in one of them for two reasons:

a) I need both Sci slots for Field Generators as the Peghqu' seems to have paper-thin shields.

b) Plasmonic Leech is a great universal console, particularly for Science builds that are weapons power heavy (as mine is) - so that goes in an Eng slot.

At first I had 4 x Disruptor Induction Coils but was pulling aggro way too much (which my Sci setup wasn't really equipped to deal with) so I sacrificed a Tac slot and have become a good deal more sturdy (and subsequently useful in STFs) since.

Rationales may vary but if you use torps (with say, THY) then sacrificing one energy console that's contributing very little for another that contributes a lot may not be a bad strategy.
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