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Some good suggestions, I tried some like using fire at will (failing) and all sorts of defensive acitons (Problem is I get confused with all those icons and often press the wrong one instead)

But trying to get out of his 5km zone sounds like a splendid idea. WIthout his tractor beam, I might have a chance to not be vaporized in scant seconds.

Must look for polarize hull and jam sensors consoles.

Does using evasion help againt tractors? And inertial compensators?

It can get confusing, but the nice thing I found was that figuring out how to beat these really improved my game play by the time it was all over. I like all the suggestions here. Distancing is vital, like they were saying. One thing I like to do is come at her, hit "rapid fire", "energy drain", "gravity well" and "target shield subsystems". When I'm about 6km away I turn tail, shifting to aft weapons arrays as I go so I can keep hitting her on the way out. I keep an eye out for heavy torps and either shoot them, hit "evasive maneuvers", or brace for impact".

When I get about 12km out (2km out of firing range) I check and make sure my systems are off cooldown, then hit "attack pattern alpha" and come about. This gives me a nice tight, quick turn, plus temporarily increases my damage points when I resume firing. Being 12km out means that I have enough time to come about (and thus get my forward weapons in the right firing arc) by the time I'm in range again. Then I just repeat the process. It takes some time but it's what works for me. The only thing you will sometimes have to wath for is that when you get her down to about 1/4 integrity she will try to warp out and repair. Then she'll come back and you have to start all over again. So when you ger low, try to not to get too far out of range so that you can keep your fire up. She can't warp if still engaged.

All of this is using a long-range science vessel. But I think you could modify the general strategy to work with whatever weapons and consoles you have.