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11-08-2012, 10:19 AM
I miss the complete SB24 mission, but I did find it annoying that the ground part popped up even if you were only doing the space. I have never, even BETA and open BETA, seen Crystal Entity completes and Fluidic Space has been broken since release (I don't even remember it working on release).

Also on Cryptics track record and a comment in the latest blog about STFs and Into the Hive, you guys had Into the Hive in the trailer for the STFs before they launched 2.5 years ago. I remember it just sorta disappeared after the STFs and Terra Dome were released. I remember the complaints when the game first came out that there wasn't any end game content, but then again, in those days you could also max out a toon in a day running Deep Space Encounters.
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