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Why couldn't they have you on your bridge for the time it now takes to get to place B from place A. For example, I am going from ESD to DS9. That takes time, an average of which, granting there are faster and slower ships, could be worked out, or simply assigned by the devs.

You leave ESD and, for example, it takes an average of 2.5 minutes to travel to DS9. For 2.5 minutes you would be on your bridge, interacting with your bridge crew in a short, timed mission.

When the time has elapsed, a prompt comes up for you to either dock at DS9, or not, and be deposited in your ship just outside the system.

Seems like that could be within the game's functionality. It's just a timed mission and a destination map change.

I've advocated for this years ago. There's really no reason you can't have an optional system in place from either the drop down menu that might say 'Bridge Command Mode' or have it be select-able from the standard bridge interior linked to the Captain's chair. An Interact that might say 'Command Mode'. This would put you in an instance of your bridge but with Interact buttons on the right that gives commands similar to the Bridge Commander video game of old.

"All systems online.", "Status Report", blah blah. Basically something really simple just to give the feel of actually being on the bridge. Then have a separate "Nav" option that brings up a mini-game style window (not unlike the Galaxy map on SWTOR) that would allow you to navigate and select from an astrometrics chart, your destination. It would be time based. You select warp and the timer starts. Have some sort of mini-game to pass the time, or better yet, some special "in route" doff missions to mess around with. When the timer runs out, your Nav officer says we've reached our destination and you'll have the option to exit command mode (bringing you back to either your normal bridge interior or your ship view at the system of your choosing).

Icing on the cake: Be able to invite your friends into that instance and travel with you. When you all select to leave, you all go to the same system. Finally a way to travel with your friends. (For roleplay just assume your First Officer is in command of your ship and you're all warping in tandem.)

I also think it would be cool to expand on that by having a Comm mini-game style window open that allows you to hail or open communications with a friend (just like a /tell) that shows their character on the viewscreen (or standard boff pop-up window) talking.

It's the little details that make games like this great. I can remember hours on SWG just decorating or looking at decorations, or doing menial tasks just out of enjoyment. Immersion is everything when it comes to making someone log in over and over for years to come. That's how you profit.

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