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Originally Posted by hanover2 View Post
Even if it's not 100% accurate, I'd rather at least know that there are some other people queueing for a misson, and that shaky number is still less ambiguous than some arbitrary "wait time" estimate.

And no matter what, no manipulation of UI is going to get me doing those missions I don't presently bother with. There's not gonna be any "Well, there's no way of knowing, so I might as well try one of these others." You will give me what I want, or I will take nothing.
THIS.... oh so much THIS...

Keeping players guessing as to how soon a Que will pop, is comparable to waiting for a Real Person to answer ones phone call with the cable company...

Most folks just won't bother.

The previous system may not have been all that accurate (though some would disagree), but at the very least, it gave a much better Visual Cue than a Tiny Little Clock that with a quick glance holds Absolutely No Information at all.


Oh, and Hitler is calling.... Best not to keep him waiting...

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