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11-08-2012, 11:51 AM
Here is a list of a few things I can think of that might be troubling you.
Before you do anyithng I recommend, read this entire post the whole way through.
This is also just the problems I have encountered with computers running high res games.

these things are important, and if go unchecked can cause damage to your computer.

power supply.
what is it? how many watts? if it cannot handle that big of a card you NEED a new one. other wise your causing damage to your system.

-make sure your video card has the proper amount of plugs from the power supply plugged into it. if it calls for two 6 pin on seperate wires, NOT one that splits into two 6. make sure your using two seperate, etc. same goes for 8 pin, 4 pin, etc.

Had my old desktop completely crash due to me unknowingly not having a big enough power supply. ruined the motherboard, ruined the hard drive.

over heating - do you overclock anything? does the CPU fan spin up to such a high speed you think the computer is going to lift off the desk?

I have a phenom II X6 with a radeon HD 6870, I can heat my house when playing games with this build. nothing overclocked. the fans in my system spin up to very high rpm, and create a loud humming noise. not noisey. just a soft humming.

the following things will not cause damage to your system but are still bad for it.

not enough ram - lag, crashing
cpu clock not high enough - lag, crashing

also, I recommend keeping the parts that came in your computer, in your computer, if you bought it prebuilt, otherwise a warrenty might be void.

OR it could just be a simple case of slow internet.
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