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11-08-2012, 11:12 AM
Some people just don't seem to understand that me and some players will simply NEVER queue for events that have more than 2 minutes Average Wait.

When i want to join a STF, i want to join it NOW. I don't have time to log in the game to then start waiting. If i start waiting then odds are that i am gonna start doing something else and when the queue finally calsl me i will just cancel because i am in the middle of something else.

That is why queue numbers are important, it helped show me where i was likely to play RIGHT AWAY if i queued. Especially since we have a limited numbers of queues that we can join, i would be a moron to go waste my 3 queue slots into queues that are empty forever like Romulan Temple and such...

I know Cryptic want to hide these numbers on purpose just to hide what effects season 7 will have on previously active queues ( like Ground STFs ) which will become empty from PUG players imho.

Average Wait time is BS. Anyone who have used PvP queues in STO knows it is BS when you see an average 10 minute wait on Ground Assault Fed vs Kling. You know the queue might not start at all during the WHOLE day.

So let's just cut the BS. Whatever Cryptic has in mind by removing the player numbers, it will not service the players AT ALL.