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Originally Posted by decker03 View Post
The excuse is, I think, that the Excelsior has a build in power and not a console and thus people would get her special power without having to buy theC-Store version. I'm not quite sure why it is difficult to add a purchased Excelsior as prerequisite to get a Fleet Excelsior (or every other ship with a build in power), but I guess Cryptic would find an argument if they'd actually care.
I believe that any ship with the FLEET designation requires a fleet module which would entail a c-store purchase.

I did not think asking such questions would stimulate a lively but good natured debate.

Clearly there are three camps about the Excelsior those who are indifferent, those who like it and those who don't. Ultimately it would be for the game Devs to decide if it should be in or not and what congfiguration. As its comparable for a shooty cruiser having LT. Cmdr Station as does the Fleet Regent would make sense both ships are avaliable at the T3.

T1 & 2 provide Hvy Cruisers and Star Cruisers, also T4 has the Fleet Exploration Cruiser, T5 Oddy, so T3 we have nada zip zero on the cruisers front and there is a clear ingame link to FLEET Assault Cruiser Retrofit (Assuming would be a Regent Refit).

As for how the hvy cruiser does fly it with an engineer and use particle generators in its sci slots to boost, eject warp plasma, aceton beam, and I use Isometric Charge which also gets a boost from these. Engy Character gives more endurance to the Hvy Cruiser especially with lvl 2 Reverse Polarity. But thats just my engy build.

Interesting to hear there was some build out there which was withdrawn.