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The infamous quote I mentioned's thread pop up:

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Here's the scoop on STF Set Gear Costumes, with Season 7:

* The Current/Holodeck version of these Accolades, if already earned, should remain on your character with the associated Costume Unlock intact. Players that have already earned these will not have to jump through any hoops to keep them.
* If you have -not- already earned the Current Accolade, it will be replaced with a New Accolade that does not include the Costume Unlock (for a reason I will explain in a sec), but still grants you the associated Title it did before.
* If you have partial credit toward the Current Accolade, that will carry over to the New Accolade automagically.

The reason for this change: Costume Unlocks are being moved to the Omega Reputation, as projects that must be ran to unlock the customizable version of each set's visuals.

These Costume Unlock Projects will only become accessible after you have earned the New Versions of the set Accolades. Players that earned the Current/Old Accolades should not see these Projects in their lists at all, and should retain access to the costume unlocks they have already earned.

In other words, while the old process was:

1) Collect Set 2) Earn Accolade 3) Unlock Costume

The new process adds one step, via the Reputation System:

1) Collect Set 2) Earn Accolade 3) Run Reputation Unlock Project 4) Unlock Costume

The cost of the unlock projects is small, so don't panic.

Hope that helps shine a light on the subject.

So in short, new people will have to do an unlock project, AFTER they unlocked the unlock of the unlock, to buy permission to edit the outfit.

Boff's ? Go figure, probably not customizable

You know, they should create a system where you had to unlock the reputation system, first step would be unlocking permission to put resources into the system