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Mav's mirror assault/star cruiser

The Spec:
(my standard eng spec) A video by shimmer showing some of the potency of warp plasma.

Weapons: 7 Polaron beam arrays. 1 Chron mine/tric mine. (haven't tried the tric yet) Acc, Crth2s, after I get all the pieces together. Right now, I have 4 acc crth2s and 3 blue acc2s.

EPTS1, ET2, ES 2

HE 1, TSS 2

Deflector: Borg (will be dropped for Omega likely at a later date)
Engine Borg (likely again to be dropped once the chance to the borg set comes, to Omega)
Shield Maco

Consoles: 1 Borg, 1 Ablative Armor, 2 SIF Generators
1 Field Generator. 1 Field Generator, 2 Emitter Array consoles. (can be swapped for the shield regen consoles)
2 Polaron consoles.

Devices: 1 Subspace Field mod. Weapon Batteries, Shield Batteries, Aux Batteries.

Power levels: Primary: 95 weapons, 25 shields, 55 engines, 25 aux.
Turtle: 70 weapons, 75 shields, 25 engine, 30 aux.
Rawr heals: 50 weapons, 75 shields, 25 engine, 75 aux.

Doffs: 3 Maint engs (2 greens and a blue right now. I told you I needed a couple doffs yet!), 1 purple Shield Distribution officer, 1 Extend Shields Warpcore engineer. My next refine ment attempt will put in 2 purple damage control doffs on an All In heal variant. This will let me swap one of my EPTSes out for an EPTA (emergency power to aux) and have 100 percent uptime on both in theory. Which will lead to even more rock solid heal numbers. Once I acquire these, and a purple maint eng. I will simply drop the SDO and put the damage control doff in it's place. For times when I need the SDO slot back will carry my matter anti matter specialist. Which gives warp plasma a 3 second Total Stop, that can reapply every time the DOT does.

I broke open a new can of awesome sauce last night and refined my mirrorstarcruiser even further. I suspect that I can unlock even more potential once I acquire a couple of doffs. But healing is never an issue in this bad boy. And it can crank 1/4 to 1/3 of it's heal potential in Damage, while setting up zone denial. I'm also likely going to tweak the weapons loadout at some point if I can score enough of the new polarized disruptor hybrid weapons.

I know you're saying "only 1/4 to 1/3erd it's output in damage compared to heals! but mav your AC can does 1/3 to 1/2!" That's how nuts the healing is. At the end of an average arena, I have anywhere from 300k to 500k damage. I'll let that math work itself out in your head abit. No doubt oddy players and recluse players are like "lolz only a mill in healing" yeah but unlike your fat garbage scows the Mirror star doesn't need to pump as much raw healing. It has massive resistance givers, (which prevent damage in the first place) and ontop of that it can help end matches faster by setting up kills, pet supression, Defense Score Negation, Premature Hazard forcing, while still providing solid mainline healing. Do note in longer arenas I've racked up well beyond these numbers. That is just the per match average. I also suspect, again that I have just a little more potential left in the ship.

Oh and anyone that thinks an eng in a cruiser just isn't as good as a sci? Ask broken1981 about last night, and how we not only kept up with a team of him and his buddies that had 3 sub nukes (and of one which was delivered by an oddy) but how easily we kept the battlefield under our control (with 0 sci captains on our end no less hehe) The eng ain't dead by a long shot. But it can't run the Old Ways as readily anymore. It has to be Aggressive in setup.

demo video:
gateway links-->Norvo Tigan, Telis Latto Ruwon, Sochie Heim, Solana Soleus

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