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11-08-2012, 12:11 PM
No problem having been asleep and having got more than 5 brain cells lined up your littile formulae makes sense.

TheB value in my formulae is bassiclly the base damage modified for Mk and Rariety. A Mk 10 once you knock skill and consoles off is just fractionally over +100% base damage with the lv50 modifier added in. This means the two skill benefits would appear to be +25% ech, not +50%, and the console base magnitudes would also appear to be halved. In fact when i use your exact math i get the exact return is should, (a 26.2% console was actually showing a 12.7% boost and skill points where 48.7% total but i put the variable down to statsital errors due to the small numbers involved, but if i account for the fractionally larger than base 100% modifer from Mk and rareity i can replicate exact numbers).

I'm still going to try and confirm it with some Mk12 whites though, just to be absolutly certain everything is working as we think. I also want to check each skill in turn as i've seen other data that's conflictoray about this. Also i want to know how tis interacts with my BO deductions. I suspect BO may actually be a +1200/1500/1700% base damage modifier but we need to confirm that.

For whoever asked earlier i think crits et all multiply the final output.