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Consoles add a flat amount that doesn't care what the weapons actually damage is from mark or rarity, just the type. Simple way to test is to equip two weapons of the same type but different mark.

Test was done on toon with NO skill points invested at level 50 with no relevant accolades at 50 weapon power.

Mk 6 white tetryon beam array with 0 consoles gives 159.2 DPV, 2 consoles (52.4%) change damage to 211.7 DPV an change of 52.5 DPV

Mk 11 purple tetryon beam array with a single [Dmg] mod and two other mods with 0 consoles gives 222.7 DPV, 2 consoles (same as before) change damage to 275.2 DPV a change of.....52.5 DPV

Follow up test, 0 consoles, 50 weapon power, maxed tier 1 Weapon skill ONLY

Mk 6 white tetryon beam array deals 208.7 DPV, or 49.5 DPV increase
Mk 11 purple tetryon beam array deals 272.2 DPV, or a ..... 49.5 DPV increase

I don't pretend to know what they are a % of, nor do I care. But they only take into account the weapon type beam array/cannon/etc.

The actual DPV formula is pretty simple to my understanding but I do not pretend to know the details of how a weapon gets it's numbers from.

Weapon + Console Mod + Skill Mod = Base
Base * Power Mod * Damage Mod from abilities/accolades/etc = Raw DPV
Raw DPV * Enemy Resistance Mod = True DPV

What the Console Mod and Skill Mod are derived from I have no idea. It is a % of a number based on the weapon type and I'm guessing character level possibly. Skill Mod works the same way. What does this mean you ask?

Every single upgrade you gain, be it a better weapon or better console, has a negligible effect on your actual DPV because of how everything gets added together instead of multiplied.

This is also why Tac captain abilities are so insanely strong at increasing your DPS along with resistance debuffs like Attack Pattern Beta.

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