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Originally Posted by suaveks View Post
What about the power drop on Quad Cannons? Are they twice as bad as standard duals, considering what you're all saying? I'll admit they're not the best thing out there, but I just enjoy their visual and sound effect, yet I might be forced to switch them to DHC when necessary.

Also, I'll use this thread for another question:
I'm thinking about a Vesta build for PvE - STFs especially - and I'm torn between using DBB + 2DHC, and DBB + Torp + DHC/QC. I just can't seem to imagine a ship without torpedo spread, yet I don't know if only one type of frontal dual cannon + 3 turrets will be able to deal sufficient amount of damage when used with CRF and CSV. I want to keep DBB to be able to use subsystem targeting and beam overload, so that leaves me with only two slots left.

I mostly want to be able to solo the Raptors in CSE without any issues. Still, most of my other ships make use of either torpedo spread abilities when enemy shields are down, or just full cannon barrage. On the other hand, in this case I'll have fighter pets with some kind of torpedo (either peregrine or runabouts), as well as GW3 to slow enemies down, so I guess that's always helpful.

Or how about 2xDHC and only 2 turrets in the back instead of 3? Is that a significant loss in DPS when used with CRF or CSV, assuming I would use the 3rd slot for some type of mines?

Just thinking aloud at that moment quite frankly. I'm just not sure which is going to turn out better in the end, considering pure DPS on multiple enemies. I still want to use the Vesta for its versatily, at least until FEDs get a proper Battlecruiser or something more similar to Kar'Fi.
Quads take power from both weapons and engines according to the description of them, and most seem to be able to fire them just fine. I don't have any ATM to test myself, just keep an eye on your weapon power when firing CRF.

For CSE, I'd run all DHCs and turrets and then slot a Tac in the Uni with CSV2 to take care of the BoPs the fastest. I had quite a hard time with CSE in a standard Sci ship, but can rip through BoPs in an escort like they were tinfoil. BO is nice on the larger ships, but for BoP swarms after the first cube is popped you need CSV on 3x cannons. FAW on a DBB and CSV at the same time will drain weapon power quite quickly, and I was bottoming out quite often when I tried that in an escort. Using mines against the BoPs will depend on your strategies. CSE is pure DPS really and often has you on your own (unless you're in a pre-made), so the DPS needs fall to you. For most other things I'm intending to running it more like a Sci ship with a DBB and Sci Lt. Comm. I can keep a DHC in my inventory and just switch the BOff and cannon in and be ready for DPS work on a moment's notice.