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Would you actually test her or would you just be going around telling people on holodeck you've got a Vesta on Tribble? I suspect the people who have gotten to fly a Vesta are people who have proven themselves to provide constructive and constant feedback while having a good knowledge on the true state of game mechanics and how it is balanced. Whether Cryptic chooses to listen that feedback however is another story.
For me, it's a 2 way street.... I enjoy putting a new ship through it's paces to find bugs, errors or things that could be improved, right up until they stopped releasing them after the Oddy. The problem with the Oddy though was we used a Galaxy skin and a stand in bridge... which is why when it went to live you had floating beacons, missing bridge doors and probably one of the WORST boff seating layouts of any bridge in the game (ie nobody driving the ship, a sci officer standing in the middle of the isle and of course NOBODY in the command chairs)

However, I also enjoy "going to the dealership" and being able to "test drive" a ship so that I know it fits my playstyle before I spend real world money on it. Honestly, have you ever bought a car without driving it first?
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