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Originally Posted by burstdragon323 View Post
Since the testing group is done with testing her, please add the vesta ships to the "Experimental Ship" vendor so we can giver her a go.
I sort of don't get this either? I mean...we were able to pick up all 3 versions of the Odyssey on Tribble before it was released on Holodeck. There's been a slew of other ships that were released on Holodeck that you could test on Tribble beforehand as well.

I'm wondering if the difference with the Vesta is because Odyssey sales may have been lackluster?

I'm with hippiejon on something he said. I'll wait till I read some feedback from people I trust that have keen insight. I've made plenty of impulse buys in STO over the last few years and most those ships never see the light of day. Some things just look better on paper.

Thing is certain Devs kind of like to play favorites anyway. I remember prior to S5 when there was only a select few chosen to test the STF's 2.0 on Tribble. People kind of cried favoritism on that because no one knew exactly why/how those people were chosen. Eventually everyone was allowed to test them but not at first. There's also been a history of stuff given to people at podcasts as well before they make it to market for the rest of us consumers. I can kind of see that though. That's just free advertising from the fanboys.

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