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11-08-2012, 02:17 PM
I totally disagree with your hidden text. I should not be forced to queue up and wait for an event without knowing how many people are there, or being able to see if new people are added. Under the new system I could queue for a 5 person mission, sit there for 30 minutes waiting, and not know if there was just me sitting in the queue or if there were 4 others and we were just waiting on 1 more.

While I can sympathize with you not being able to get teams for some missions that's is because you are running the missions that are clearly not popular. Removing the people in queue count isn't going to change that. If anything it will hurt those low popularity missions as more and more people will stop using the public queues.

A time estimation, if it actually worked, would be no different than a count of how many are in queue. People would still avoid the queues that said 5min or 10min or whatever and go for the ones there were launching soonest.

All this does is cause problems for the majority of players who do prefer the more popular PvE queues while helping the minority that like the less popular ones. The point I would agree with you on is that cryptic should address why some missions are so unpopular, easiest way being to increase rewards to make these missions more useful. Fixing the reason why some queues are not popular would be a much better solution than trying to trick people into joining the unpopular queues because they can't see that noone is in them.