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11-08-2012, 01:23 PM
Just my dime, but yes PVP in sto is poor. For my money, instanced pvp mini games always disappoint. We have LOL to do meaniningless, quick fights these days. If you wanna make PVP better, make it mean something other than a gear grind, by all means keep the instanced stuff for a "practice" area, but to fix pvp what I'd suggest is either making a new area or set of areas for pvp, or flagging certain existing areas for PVP, The explorartion sectors would be perfect, you can tie in the diplomacy missions for extra depth - you already have exploration, ground missions and diplomacy in those zones add control points and control based bonuses and you're pretty much there.

There are several cool mechanics you can use, auto flagged for pvp on entry, captains on diplomacy missions are flagged as such - if killed whilst diplo flagged they give a negative reward including a debuff that stops the attacker accepting diplo missions for a hefty time like a week. If your diplo flagged and attack in pvp, you should recieve the same penalties or perhaps even steeper ones.

Planets, and other nodes that can be randomly generated using the already existing mechanics, require control to be gained on multiple level using diplomacy, ground missions and fleet actions on the system map. Building an outpost for example.

To me, the simplification of the PVP from faction based or free for all to just free for all just compounds the problems, its unpopular now because its meaningless as all instanced PVP is, world PVP is the only PVP thats worth anything and has any chance of engaging people in a long term way.