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11-08-2012, 02:59 PM
When the Danubes originally came out you were instantly held by 4 tractor beams which, as has already been noted, made PH pretty useless and even made Omega rather jumpy. So they split the 4 Tractor Beams to be staggered, rather than four simultaneous holds. Unfortunately, this just meant that there were 3 additional holds that basically chain. It became an unintended buff like when the Intrepid's Ablative Armor was changed from 30 seconds every five minutes to 15 seconds every two and a half minutes.

These things are ridiculous and their earlier fix, while well intentioned, missed the mark.
Foundry: Yet Another Borg Mission
It's terrible but easy, and these Borg are way cooler than the mess STO and Voyager left us.
May not actually be "way" cooler or even "slightly" cooler.