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I have a fairly decent graphics card and keep my setting somewhere in the middle. Aside from an occasional lag when every single high graphic special effect is involved (warp plasma, grav well, tyk rift etc. all piled on me) I rarely lag.

The MOMENT Solar Wind PvP map load my FPS drop DRASTICALLY due to the incredible processing needed to display the solar winds dings.

I have noticed the vast majority of people complain about this as well. Sometimes, one or more players decide to just work on doff assignments or something and die fast to get it over with.

This graphic to simulate the solar wind serves NO PURPOSE and only slows down the FPS which is already under pressure in PvP.

Thank you for (hopefully) listening.

(it is lovely to look at but even that is annoying while trying to sort out visual information in a well fought battle through all the noise it provides)