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11-08-2012, 02:40 PM
My B'rel Retrofit is designed for a full torpedo load-out.

However, I do not see a need for an RCS console, as it already has one of the best turn rates.

I also do not bother with Stealth consoles, and this is on a ship with Enhanced Battle Cloak. With 6 skill points into Stealth and Aux at 118, I can park my BoP on a Sci officer's sci ship with 125 aux, and they still can't see me at 0km.

On my Fed's Tactical Escort Retrofit, I have no points in Stealth or consoles and have my aux set to 39/25. If I recall, I think I was spotted 2km away from the target...if that.

If someone uses a reveal ability, you can't resist it.