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Again, i think that TBR itself is not the problem but the huge spike damage that it gets from tac buff. That is the real issue. Simply nerfing the TBR instead of addressing the real issue will be another slap in the face of the sci captains. Anyway i was considering to leave my sci only for grinding and roll a tac.

Just because you are lazy or dont know how to counter a skill, it doesnt mean it is actually broken. TBR has a lot of counters:

- hard: PH (makes you immune so its a wasted sci comm skill);
- soft: from consoles to HE, doffs (shield/hazard), EM, engine batteries, Aux to Inertial Dampeners, SS, Aux disable (phasers, VM, beam target subsystem).

Actually, this brings the need to actually think and use brains not only muscles. I know its cool to feel superior by being the God of PVP in a pew pew escort and blow away a ship in 4 seconds but hopefully the devs wont turn the game in a one class one i win built.
This attitude is so baffling to me. Are you thinking before writing what you're saying? TBR is a non-directed skill, it doesn't even need an arc. It has a longer effective range and is far more effective with fewer buffs/specs than cannons will ever be.

You do not have to take TBR at Com, and plenty of skills have one-skill counters. In fact some of TBR's intended counters make the situation worse (APO, Inertial Damps).

Would you care to explain what makes TBR a thinking man's skill, as opposed to escorts which take no thought whatsoever?

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