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One of the greatest commands in game, is the Assist command. It has one major flaw though. It has to be used with a specific player name.

For example:
/Assist Bob

If I run this command while Bob is around I will pickup his target. (If Bob has a target.) This part is important. I will stay on my target if Bob doesn't have a target. The problem is that I might not play with Bob all the time. So I have to reassign my keybind every time I play, to pickup the target caller's target. What we need is something a bit more useful. We need an AssistSquadLeader command.

We have the ability to assign a squad leader in a team but this is a meaningless assignment, once you reach rank 50. Why not add an AssistSquadLeader command for teams to use. This way the team leader can assign a target caller and everyone can Assist that person's target. The team leader can also change who the target caller is during a fight. Say the Squad Leader dies and cannot call targets anymore.

This can be a great feature for new players to be able to follow targets.
We need an /AssistSquadLeader feature.

Thank you!