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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • Fixed various speeling and gramar issues throughout New Romulus.
  • Into the Hive: After completing the optional objective the "failed" interact button will no longer incorrectly appear.
  • Tractor Beam Repulsors will no longer allow its Kinetic Damage to gain benefit from Particle Generators skill twice.
  • Tooltips for Resistance have been updated.
    • Season 7 tooltips have been reporting different values from Season 6.
      • These were just text differences in how the values displayed were calculated, the underlying power values have not changed at all.
    • Tooltips for Resistance, such as damage resistance, will now say "Resistance Rating" instead of just "Resistance".
      • This is just a text change.
  • Increased the number of Borg Neural Processors in Omega Conversion Crates.
    • Players will have to re-copy characters from Holodeck to see this update.
  • Embassy Update: Added Additional Duty Officer Assignment Slot functionality.
    • These can be purchased from the Consumables vendor in the Shuttle Bay, upon unlocking the appropriate Recruitment Tier.
  • Resolved an issue that caused higher ranks of Dampening Field to appear on top of the caster rather than the target.

  • Updated the requirements for the Investigate Officer Reports (Foundry) Daily.
    • Now, only projects that normally reward XP and EC will count towards completion.
    • The Foundry mission description will now indicate when it will not count towards the Foundry mission daily.
  • Foundry: Resolved an issue that prevented the use of custom costumes.
  • Re-resolved the issue that prevented interacting with objects and contacts through forcefields and other similar objects.