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11-08-2012, 04:27 PM
My learned Friends;

Point infractions... are you guys still using that system? I don't believe so. Lets get down to the real meat and potatoes now. Recently a fairly sizable group of this communities members, who I will grant over the time frame of the f2p transition have ikely received a few infractions. (most of which where minor as I understand it... and in general the posters in question where not considered offensive to anyone) Have all been summarily dismissed.

In a few of the cases the offending posts where not even edited, leading to in game conversations like
(Hey haven't seen you post lately been busy?.. Oh really you where banned for what? Haven't even see any of your posts get the edited for content lately.)

Now don't get me wrong these forums belong to Cryptic Studios a subsidiary of Perfect World Entertainment. They can pretty much deal with there own forums in any manner they wish.

I will simply say the list of ex forum posters who have felt they where dealt with unfairly (and more importantly their still posting friends feel likewise) has grown over the last few years. Those people are out there both in game and in other venues, some even tell more then a few people that there is no point in posting here. They say anything that doesn't sit well with Cryptic ends up falling afoul of moderation in general.

Again that is for sure Cryptics right... I mean they can even use there user agreement to completely remove people from there in game product if they wish. None of us "own" anything here.

I think we need to simply just get to the point. The moderation here is NOT merely inconsistent... most of the people that have moved or been moved on from these forums. Seem to believe that the moderation is quite consistent with a removal of discontent. Again this forum is not a free and open system it is a 100% non public forum site run by Cryptic... I think that saying we have a fair and just "Point" System is hypocrisy, based on (and if I can believe multiple friends) who claim no such system was followed, in there cases.

Now I understand I am treading on your forum rules in this post, and I hope you understand I haven't posted any of this to be vindictive, or confrontational. I simply want to give an HONEST response in a thread where the management seems to be looking for some real feedback. IMO the community has lost a great deal of respect for the moderation here in a very short time frame. Yes there are a handful that are trying to politely state the facts... frankly the most direct of the posters have simply given up. So yes the overall tone likely appears to be more civil then previous conversations.

I don't honestly know how you move forward and repair the rift that seems to have been created with many of the most knowledgeable posters, of course many good posters are still here... of course friends of theres are not. Frankly how you move forward is up to you. Do you add ignore buttons... like buttons... really your show you do what you think is needed. What ever you do or not do as is the case... you will have to use it in a more consistent manner then has been shown to the community to this point.
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