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Originally Posted by canis36 View Post
@maelwy5 - Actually based on the BOFF seating for each of those ships he'd only need two of each career - 2 Tac, 2 Sci, and 2 Eng. It's only when he starts adding C-Store ships to the mix that he'll need more. None of the builds are going to be optimized of course, but then if you're trying to play multiple types of ships on a single character that's kind of a given.
I was working from the number of BOFFs the OP originally quoted: "I figure I'm looking at three Tactical Bridge Officers... ...three Science Bridge Officers... ...and four Engineering Bridge Officers... ...Sound reasonable thus far?"

That's 3 Tac, 3 Sci, 4 Engineers.

Traits shouldn't matter too much in space unless you really want to go all-saurian, so you could use four of the above BOFFs for your standard ground away team.

Ideally, I'd take at least one more Tactical BOFF for the Escort - to support a different weapons loadout, depending on the situation. The setup I quoted there should at least allow each ship to pull their weight though. (Personally, I'd have the 3rd Tac take both BFAW and APB1 so the Assault Cruiser could swap things about a bit without giving up TT1. The Star Cruiser might suffer a bit without BFAW2 + TT1 for tanking, but TS2 + TT1 is the next best thing).

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