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11-08-2012, 03:36 PM
Originally Posted by tobar26th View Post
If that's being done by removing the console clickers I say that's fair game, and I know that'll be an unpopular statement, and I get why. Heck I've used them myself on occasion, and I suspect a vast majority of players have being realistic.

That said it's exploitative and we all know that, if they've found a way to prevent it, and to apply EC and Xp to foundry missions that involve, y'know, doing something? I say that's perfectly reasonable. I suspect this is the case as we've heard of similar tech being developed for Neverwinter

If it is, as others suspect, some clever mechanic to increase dilithium grinding? i.e. all missions must be half hour long or longer, than I call foul on them.

Time will tell of course.
They should have fixed it back when they realized it was a problem. This is BS. I dont have the time to grind out lots of dilithium, infact half the time I have about 20 minutes to log in on all my characters and get my dilithium by clicking the console and now my one source of dilithium is going away... Cryptic is ensuring that I dont want to play their game anymore.