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Yes, but in a different capacity. Luke, has rebuilt the Jedi temple, and has the "Yoda" position within.
Han, and Leia are married, with young adult children. Han is a retired general from the republic army.Leia is a powerhouse politician in the republic senate.
C-3PO is still annoying.
Focus the story around the kids of the original cast,and lukes"chosen favorite jedi"
Let the originals be part of the story, but not the focus of it.
Id pay to see it.Only because it was a close second to startrek when I was a child.
Yeah, this would work well as a show based on the new generation of Jedi. Having the old guard around isn't necessarily bad, but they'd end up taking a back seat.
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Well I wouldn't say the Empire was defeated, there were plenty of fat cat politicians, corrupt generals etc., that would be willing to step into the role of dictator rather than give up the power they enjoyed, you don't end a corrupt government just by killing off the leader especially if that government is supported by a massive military.
And those would be the bad guys.....

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