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11-08-2012, 03:56 PM
Sorry,i dont read all the text before me, but here is my requests:

1.: Unique ship interior/layout options (like in orion ship, i dont want to see a klingon red smoky enviroment..etc.) and fleet retrofits can be customized without own the original one
(like i say, i tryd to customize my fleet corsaire, but i cant, because i have to pay 1500 zen to buy the original...). oh and almost forgot, customize the "walking people" in your corridors(ratio is enought, choose the faction races and make how much % you wanted walk around your corridor...etc.) + why not our duty officers when they are not in misson walk there?...

2.: Fleets why not own a planet and customize it (terraforming...etc.) + daily fleet missions there(like borg invasion and have to defend it...etc.).

3.: famouse race homeworlds, i want to get there or see how its looks like + race specific equipments, cloths purchace...etc.

some +:
- ships bridge stations be upgradable(mean a station may uppgradable ensing to commander)

- more room to resarch, we only have combat oriented ones, why not quest or fleet action ones( example: where you have to research and invent data key to get in an alien base or ruin)?

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