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Originally Posted by aussieastro View Post
man loved the info.
Spent 3 days charting out my Trico Bomber trying to squeeze more out of it and its a real pain thank god for advanced combat tracker and some patient Fleet members for being Brick walls for my weaps.

2 x Trico Mines Mk XII [CrtD]x3 Base DPS 29235.8

with Skill tree to 9 on Energy weaps specialization and Projectile Weaps specialization.

With 5 TCD Mk XII purp consoles DPS 42140.6

AP Omega 1 APA3 TF2 GDF and FOMM3 Buffed DPS 87357.4

Then Chuck on DPB3 and then 4 x DPS 87357.4 thats without the Crit Chance

would love to see the Spreadsheet "I will see if i can find my excel file that did all the math for you, you just picked what you had."

now having fun Doing the Reverse CSE ISE and KASE

Now called The T-CSE T-ISE and T-KASE
i totaly forgot about mines i will add them as soon as i can.
I am @allenlabarge in game