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Originally Posted by nicha0 View Post
This isn't a car dealership and you aren't spending $20,000. F2P game purchases are often designed around impulse and the omg I have to have it panic most people go through. Letting people have a test drive is bad for business.
I disagree, you aren't going to have slews of people going out and spending $25 on one of $50 on three of them, that is NOT an impulse buy, and impulse buy is "should I spend $5 on the TNG admiral's uniform?"

Reality is most people aren't capable of testing anything for Cryptic, they will test it for themselves but not the ship in its overall scope.
On that however I agree. Which is why Tribble looked like a ghost town earlier when I logged in to update my contributions, because most people only logged in to get the "weekend bonus" and get a leg-up on what they had to do when it goes live.

There were SO many technical glitches with the Oddy when it came out though, because we didn't have the graphics to examine, even a casual player could see phaser strips not attached to the ship, or crooked letters, or windows on the nacelles...

I was also mistaken about one thing, the bridge.... the bridge came with the class Oddy's not the reward one. Which means they were on Tribble and they could be tested... and that was a mess, so there might be something to it.
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