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I'm excited to be a part of this project and am very much looking forward to working with all of you



Brandon =/\=
The only issue I see is simple; I believed pvp could mount some kind of comeback with F2P. Moreover I wished the day would come when the glory of pvp returned in full force. However this is not the case what we see is a lot of untested mechanics and pushed out development that affect the balances of pvp. Now I don?t know if its unqualified developers or they just are not giving the time to properly balances for pvp new or updated mechanics. I believe those in the mainstream of the development team don?t have a priority to improve pvp. Their focus seems to be more on pushing as much content and z-store merchandise out as possible, instead of focusing on the quality of their product. If it isn?t TBR one month it?s scramble or something else. Then when you get a que pop there are 8 out of 10 people in the arena using it. It?s a hard thing to enjoy pvp in this game because there is no real motive for the developer to improve the way it?s played. Trust me it is not your marketing or advertisement of pvp that is failing the community it?s cryptic?s failure to properly execute pvp content and decade a team to that. Failure to balance before release or to quickly respond to issue after release.
Some word of advice
Hirer a pvp team! Already

To the op on the matter;
I have been here a long time now seen many others who wanted to help fix the pvp in this game, but us as a community can?t fix it cryptic has to show the community their serious and have to do this in a meaningful way. No one can say that cryptic as done any meaningful reform to pvp sense the games release?.they haven?t even dropped a map. Sorry I am referring to space pvp as ground pvper are even less then us. The community doesn?t need a new form of tournament, a training program, or to get organized oddly we have had all of these in the place to no avail. What we need is a reason to be exited again something big enough to draw in new and old pvpers. Unfortunately no matter how many times a community actives tries to stir thing up it will fail because cryptic is not behind it. Yes, Brandon supports your idea?s hell I support your idea but it?s not going to bring back or draw in new players because the simple fact that cryptic has no real development plans for pvp and it is transparent.