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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
This attitude is so baffling to me. Are you thinking before writing what you're saying? TBR is a non-directed skill, it doesn't even need an arc. It has a longer effective range and is far more effective with fewer buffs/specs than cannons will ever be.

You do not have to take TBR at Com, and plenty of skills have one-skill counters. In fact some of TBR's intended counters make the situation worse (APO, Inertial Damps).

Would you care to explain what makes TBR a thinking man's skill, as opposed to escorts which take no thought whatsoever?
You get that with 3+ PartGen consoles and 9 points in PartGen. And, as you said, it is RAW damage not NET.

Yes, it is perfectly fine. As long as it has a hard counter and a lot of soft counters. If i was a tacscort boasting about one hit one ship destroyed, it would have been fine, right?